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Financial Support

General Guidelines:
The regional council has funding available to support particular ministry initiatives. Applications are received twice yearly on April 1 and October 1.
Applications are assessed against the criteria outlined for the fund and the way in which the application meets the purpose of the fund.

Who May Apply?
Applications must receive the approval of the governing body of the community of faith within the bounds of Regional Council who will receive and manage the grant.

All grant recipients are required to send a brief written report with financial statement to hfrc@united-church.ca by January 31 of the year following receipt of funding (indicating in subject line the grant which was received).

Section I: Support from Horseshoe Falls Regional Council

Learning Fund

Section II:

Mission and Development Council of Erie Presbytery
… more information to come


Hamilton Presbytery Mission Council
For eligibility and grant information, please see:
Mission Council of Horseshoe Falls Region


Niagara Presbytery United Church Extension Council
Niagara Presbytery Extension Council operates within the bounds of the former Niagara Presbytery.  We offer three types of financial support

  1. Loans at 2 percent interest, various amortizations, sometimes secured by a mortgage, for bricks and mortar projects.
  2. Forgivable loans, no interest charged, no repayment schedule, principle to be repaid only if the property is sold, for bricks and mortar projects.  This indebtedness is to recorded as a long term payable in the annual report of the congregation.  (an annual disbursement of roughly $100,000 per year is made available through this program)
  3. Communities of faith may apply for $1,000 mission grants to cover ministry initiatives:  these have been used for advertising and promotion, youth ministry bussing costs, tech equipment for livestreaming, community garden, community meals, etc.  Congregations may apply more than once in a year and the aim is to disburse 12 to 15 of these grants annually.

Contacts: Diane Walker, President – Secretary Bonnie Bryant bonjim1915@gmail.com


TUCC (Toronto United Church Council)
Communities of Faith in Horseshoe Falls have access to the investment opportunities, workshops, staff and the financial resources of TUCC.
More information and application forms can be found at: https://www.tucc.ca/.

Please submit completed application to the Executive at hfrc@united-church.ca.

Section III: United Church of Canada Resources

Communities of faith with an annual income of less than $150,000 and unrestricted reserves of no more than $37,500 are eligible for grant programs supporting technology and capital improvements.

Please forward applications to the Congregational Support Commission. Once approved by the Commission, the application will be forwarded to the General Council.

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