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fall leavesRegional Council Meeting

Thursday, October 14th & Saturday, October 16th

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Horseshoe Falls Watershed Regional Council

“Be Bold, Be Brave”

Fall Meeting:

Thursday, October 14th & Saturday, October 16

Session Dates and Times:

Thursday, October 14th Session, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday, October 16th Session, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Celebration of Ministry:

Sunday, October 17th, 3:00 pm, St. Paul’s UC, Paris

Preacher: Thérèse Samuel (Rev.) she/her

Minister, Right Relations and Social Justice, Horseshoe Falls, Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways Regional Councils

The service will be recorded and posted to the HFRC Facebook page and website, for use by communities of faith as a Sunday worship resource.


Registration Closes: Sunday, October 10th at 6 pm

Workbook with Agenda to be posted Tuesday, October 12th, with link to be sent to registrants

Horseshoe Falls Regional Council Meeting Registration is now closed.  Thank You!

Regional Council Representatives

Many thanks to the members of the regional council who are serving as members of the Executive and Commissions.  The members of the Commissions and the Executive are elected in the spring meeting.

Thanks also to the many members of the regional council acting as Pastoral Charge Supervisors, Pastoral Relations Liaisons, United Fresh Start Facilitators, Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee members, regional council United Church Women and members of networks supporting faith formation and justice work such as right relations networks and UNJPPI among others.

For regional council representatives who are not yet connected to the work of the regional council, please consider joining the resource pool for one of the Commissions.  These are time-limited, specific task roles.  Some of the assistance Commissions could use is outlined below:

Covenant Commission
Pastoral Charge Supervisors
Supporting a Community of Faith with its Living Faith Story
Assisting a Community of Faith with property transactions
Accompanying and supporting Communities of Faith during amalgamations and disbanding

Human Resources Commission
Pastoral Relations Liaison (training required)
United Fresh Start Facilitators (training required)
Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee

Mission and Discipleship Commission
Faith Formation networks and events
Justice networks and events
Right relations networks and events
Stewardship events

We are developing plans for the training and support of volunteers in these roles.

Thank you for considering how you might be involved.