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You Are Invited!

Be Bold, Be Brave
Praise God in the holy temple!
Praise God for mighty deeds!
Praise God for bountiful mercies!
Praise God who meets our needs!

Psalm 150 (from Voices United)

It seems like a very long time, since Grant Williams played the Harry Potter theme music for us at the Meridian Centre and the Hogwarts Sorting Hat helped us discern our places on the Regional Council.

Just six months later COVID-19 shut us down for in-person events and we had to be bold and brave in how we met and functioned together as the United Church. Now, at last, after more than 2 ½ years we will be having our first Horseshoe Falls Regional Council meeting together with an in-person component.

Thursday evening, May 26, our meeting starts at 7 p.m. over Zoom. The keynote speakers for this evening will be Indigenous leaders Eileen and Grafton Antone. Many of you may remember Eileen’s address to us at our last in-person meeting at the Unifor Centre. She is a powerful, passionate speaker, who boldly challenges the status quo. Her husband Grafton is known to many as well, as a United Church Minister. You will not want to miss this presentation.

The evening of Friday, May 27 we will meet again by Zoom, this time at 5 p.m. Worship for the evening has been developed by Ryk Brown, Kevin Steeper, Dianne Matheson-Jimenez and Thérèse Samuel. Using the story of David and Goliath, they will bravely address the issue of bullying in the church and ways that we as laity and clergy can work to address it. This will be another stimulating evening for everyone with lots to ponder and consider.

Supports, Connects, Empowers Communities of Faith

But what you really do not want to miss is our in-person/online event on Saturday, May 28 at the Meridian Centre. We will be Zooming this meeting for those who would prefer to do so, but your Planning Committee is hoping that you will seriously consider attending.

We have been isolated and often alone with our thoughts and feelings over the past few years, and it will be good for us to finally get together to share our stories of courage and bravery. The meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. with a continental breakfast. A leisurely lunch, with lots of time for people to reconnect, will be served after the morning session, with the meeting slated to conclude at 4:30,p.m.

During this difficult time, we have somehow found ways to bravely be church. It is my hope that this May, we will celebrate all we have boldly done in what have been difficult times and all that God has done for us.

President Robert Lawson
Horseshoe Falls Regional Council

Horseshoe Falls Spring Regional Council Meeting registration is now closed.  Thank You!


Horseshoe Falls Regional Council

Spring 2022 Meeting  May 26, 27, 28



THEME: “Be Bold, Be Brave!”

Thursday, May 26: ONLINE

Friday, May 27: ONLINE


In person at the Meridian Community Centre, 100 Meridian Way, Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6

Session Dates and Times:

Thursday Evening, May 26

7 – 9 PM

Friday Evening, May 27

5 – 7 PM

Saturday, May 28

8:30  – 9:30 AM:  Fellowship

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM: Meeting (lunch will be provided at the Fonthill venue)

At this time there are no candidates eligible for a Celebration of Ministry Service. We look forward to celebrating new ministries at the next Regional Council meeting.

Important Dates to Remember:

Registration Opens: Monday, April 25

Registration Closes: Thursday, May 19,  9 PM

A link to the Meeting Workbook will be sent to registrants by Tuesday, May 24.

Zoom link for online participation will be circulated to all registrants.


Deadline for receipt of nominations/expressions of interest to serve as President Elect, and on Executive (including Treasurer)/Commissions: Thursday, May 19, 9 PM

Deadline for new business: Saturday, May 28, 9 AM



Happy 60th Anniversary UCW

We honour the UCW as they celebrate their 60th Anniversary.  Following are services of hope, celebration and thanksgiving prepared by the UCW that can be used for Sunday worship.

2022 60th anniversary UCW service E. Burrows (Word)
2022 60th anniversary UCW service E. Burrows (PDF)



UCW Service JD (Word)
UCW Service JD (PDF)




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How are you Called to Be the Church as a member of the Horseshoe Falls Regional Council?

Fill out the Expression of Interest Form.

Supports, Connects, Empowers Communities of Faith is Horseshoe Falls Regional Council’s (HFRC) purpose statement. HFRC fulfills this goal in part by connecting communities of faith with one another and with the United Church as a whole.

Election of Members to the Executive and Commissions. The regional council fulfills its responsibilities through the decision-making work of the:

  • Executive-oversight and management of the life of the regional council
  • Covenant Commission—congregational health and change
  • Human Resources Commission—forming and supporting pastoral relationships
  • Mission and Discipleship Commission—equipping for ministry and mission

Details are provided on each in the Governance Handbook, 2021 where the preferred positions to bring the wisdom of diversity to decision-making are outlined and the required balance of lay/ministry personnel is stated.

At the Spring Meeting, the regional council will fill vacancies through the election of new members

Positions are open to anyone who is a full member in good standing in a community of faith within the bounds of the regional council. Current members of executive/commissions whose term is ending can let their name stand for election to another term by completing the Expression of Interest form.

Current positions available:

President Elect


Executive (term ending)

Covenant Commission

Human Resources Commission

Mission & Discipleship Commission

If you would be willing to let your name stand as a nominee for one of these positions, please complete the Expression of Interest Form link below. This information (minus your personal contact details) will be available to regional council members for consideration before voting.

Fill out the Expression of Interest Form.

If you have questions about the work of the Commissions and/or Executive, feel free to contact President Robert Lawson, or the Commission Chair for more details.

Thank you for your prayerful discernment of how you might serve.

Regional Council Representatives

Many thanks to the members of the regional council who are serving as members of the Executive and Commissions.  The members of the Commissions and the Executive are elected in the spring meeting.

Thanks also to the many members of the regional council acting as Pastoral Charge Supervisors, Pastoral Relations Liaisons, United Fresh Start Facilitators, Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee members, regional council United Church Women and members of networks supporting faith formation and justice work such as right relations networks and UNJPPI among others.

For regional council representatives who are not yet connected to the work of the regional council, please consider joining the resource pool for one of the Commissions.  These are time-limited, specific task roles.  Some of the assistance Commissions could use is outlined below:

Covenant Commission
Pastoral Charge Supervisors
Supporting a Community of Faith with its Living Faith Story
Assisting a Community of Faith with property transactions
Accompanying and supporting Communities of Faith during amalgamations and disbanding

Human Resources Commission
Pastoral Relations Liaison (training required)
United Fresh Start Facilitators (training required)
Licensed Lay Worship Leader Committee

Mission and Discipleship Commission
Faith Formation networks and events
Justice networks and events
Right relations networks and events
Stewardship events

We are developing plans for the training and support of volunteers in these roles.

Thank you for considering how you might be involved.