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Pastoral Support

Christianity is rooted in community that it finds its source in God who is Holy Trinity – the divine community of love. We worship and serve not simply as individuals but as a community of brothers and sisters in Christ that are responsible for and to one another for the sake of the world.

And so it is worth noting a moment to acknowledge that the vocation of ministry takes place between people in a variety of circumstances. It is a complex vocation that is lived out in times of joy and struggle, calm and conflict and that is why pastoral support to you as leaders of God’s people is so important.

It is a challenging time to be in ministry, and so, the pastoral support minister serves you different ways, both individually and collectively.

Contact Kevin Steeper, Pastoral Support Minister, if you need assistance in:

  • Developing small groups of ministry personnel to come together for mutual support and fellowship;
  • Planning an educational event that cares, uplifts and supports ministry personnel so that their ministry can flourish;
  • Seeking knowledge about the spiritual riches of the Christian tradition and spiritual direction that nourishes your body, mind and spirit;
  • Times of crisis – providing pastoral support to you and to members of your family.

Remember who you serve:

  • Rather than solely looking for praise from the pews, derive your sense of success from knowing you’re doing your all to enact the work God calls you to do.
  • Remember that you are participating in a process – you are working with God, and only God is privy to the whole picture.
  • Create time for spiritual disciplines like prayer and the Bible study to understand the work God is calling you to do.

from Flourishing: A Study of United Methodist Clergy in North Carolina (Duke Clergy Health Initiative)

My role is strictly pastoral and confidential. I have no responsibility for oversight or discipline of ministry personnel. I am a “padre to the padres”.

I can be reached at
Office: 1-833-236-0280 ext. 8
Cell: 226-222-0454

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