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Mission Support Grants 2024

The Discipleship and Justice Commission welcomes applications for: 2024 Mission Support Grants!

The deadline for submitting an application is 8:30 am Monday October 2nd, 2023. The Discipleship and Justice Commission thanks you in advance for completing the application in full.  Please be advised that applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Incomplete applications will also not be considered.

Mission Support Grants are intended for ministries and communities of faith that are living out regional and General Council priorities. As a reminder, named priorities are listed on Page 1 of the application form. For more information about the application process, please watch this orientation video:

Click here for Video of Application Process only at 13:53ms

If you would like to share this presentation, click here for the Presentation PDF


As The United Church of Canada lives into a difficult financial reality, cuts have been made, including to the amount made available to Regional Councils for Mission Support Grants. As you prepare your application, the Commission asks that you prayerfully consider tailoring your request to reflect that the Regional Council has fewer resources than at this time last year.

Completed application packages can be sent to Kathy Douglas at KDouglas@united-church.ca

Upon receiving your email, Kathy will let you know she has your application. If you have not heard from Kathy within 3 working days, please be in touch with her to ensure she received your email.

If you have any questions or concerns as you fill out the application, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with any of the staff members

Kathy Douglas: KDouglas@united-church.ca

Thérèse Samuel: TSamuel@united-church.ca

Kathy Douglas

Kathy Douglas

Minister, Faith Formation

Phone: 905-659-3343 | 1-833-236-0280
Extension: 5
Cell: 519-441-0656
Email: KDouglas@united-church.ca

Kathy works with children, youth and young adults, supporting them in various programs and faith-forming events. Many youth are nurtured into leadership roles. Kathy also works with camps and United Church Women groups.

Serves in: Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways and Horseshoe Falls Regional Councils

Location: Teleworks from home and spends time in the regional council.

Role: Kathy encourages and connects communities of faith with matters of faith and justice and the regional council in youth and young adult ministry and matters of faith formation..

Contact Kathy about:  Camping & Campus Chaplaincy Ministries; Faith Formation- Children, Youth, Young Adult and Adult Christian Education; Social and Eco-Justice Ministries; Mission & Support Grants, Support to Pastoral Care Teams and Music Ministry Leadership:  United Church Women (UCW) and resource to the Discipleship & Justice Commission.

Thérèse Samuel

Thérèse Samuel

Minister, Right Relations and Social Justice

Phone: 1-833-236-0280
Extension: 9
Email:  TSamuel@united-church.ca

Thérèse shares the Social Justice position with the Minister, Social Justice, serving the Mission and Discipleship Commissions and social justice ministries in the region. She also supports Indigenous and Non-Indigenous churches in the region in the work of building right relations.

Serves in: Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways and Horseshoe Falls Regional Councils

Location: Teleworks from home and spends time in the regional councils.

Role: Thérèse encourages and connects communities of faith in their work and supports Indigenous ministries in their relationship with the region and promotes and supports racial justice and social justice ministries.

Contact Thérèse about: Affirming Ministries, Anti-Racism; Intercultural Ministry; Right Relations; Indigenous Ministries, Social Justice Ministries and resource to the Discipleship & Justice Commission.

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