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Congregational Support Commission


The Congregational Support Commission carries primary responsibility for the relationship between communities of faith and the region and their partnership on matters requiring a decision by both the community of faith and the regional council, other than the pastoral relationship.

The responsibilities of the Commission include:

  • The articulation of ministry and mission;
  • The use of financial and property resources;
  • Local governance;
  • The overall health and well‐being of communities of faith, such as changes in the life cycle, dealing with real property etc.

The Congregational Support Commission assigns a member of the resource pool to resource a community of faith on matters requiring a joint decision.

The Congregational Support Commission will meet with representatives from a community of faith before acting on requests from the community of faith or exercising oversight and discipline of it.

See The Manual, 2024 Section C.2 references for responsibilities delegated to the Congregational Support Commission (CSC).

The Commission is accountable to the Executive through:

a) A representative of the Commission who also serves as a member of the Executive (may be the Chair but not necessarily so); and
b) The timely provision of minutes of its meetings according to the format established by the Regional Council Executive.

For more information, see the Governance Handbook.

Congregational Support Commission Leadership

Chair Adrianne Robertson email
Staff Resource Lynne Allin LAllin@united-church.ca
Member Steven Lowden  
Member Shawn Bausch  
Member Jane Wyllie  
Member Ross Gowan  
Member Jane Capstick  
Member Karen Tobey  
Member Barb McGill  
Member Kate Young  
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