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Pastoral Relations

The covenantal relationship between a community of faith (congregation or pastoral charge) and ministry personnel is the pastoral relationship. Although there are elements similar to employment, the ordered or designated lay minister is an office holder within The United Church of Canada and so we talk of “covenantal relationship.” These relationships are governed by policy set by the General Council and implemented cooperatively by communities of faith and regional councils. Pastoral Relations policy governs search, selection, calls and appointments between ministry personnel and communities of faith within The United Church of Canada. (from Pastoral Relations: Community of Faith).  The Human Resources Commission is responsible for this work.

Contact the Pastoral Relations Minister for help with:

  • finding a new minister,
  • resources for transition times,
  • M+P committees and conflict resolution,
  • retirement,
  • licences to administer the Sacraments,
  • Licensed Lay Worship leader (LLWL) lists,
  • visiting minister options,
  • pastoral relationship policy,
  • sabbaticals,
  • short-term supply ministers,
  • sick leave,
  • United Fresh Start, or
  • hiring a lay program position.

Pastoral Relations resources are on the Pastoral Relations Toolkit page.

Micol Cottrell

Micol Cottrell

Minister, Pastoral Relations

Phone: 905-659-3343 | 1-833-236-0280
Extension: 6844
Email: MCottrell@united-church.ca

Human Resources Commission Staff Resource

Micol provides staff support for the work of the Human Resources Commission in the area of pastoral relations, including support for ministers and communities of faith in search, support for Ministry & Personnel committees, support for a new pastoral relationship with the United Fresh Start program, appointment of ministers for short-term needs.

Serves in: Antler River Watershed, Western Ontario Waterways and Horseshoe Falls Regional Councils

Location: Teleworks and works from home and spends time in the regions.

Role: Micol encourages and supports ministry personnel toward health, joy, and excellence in ministry practice.

Contact Micol about: Conflict Resolution; Finding A New Minister; Licensed Lay Worship Leaders; Ministry & Personnel questions and concerns, Licenses To Administer Sacraments; Pastoral Relationship Policy; Resources for Transition Times; Retirement; Sabbaticals; Sick Leave; Short Term Supply Ministers; Visiting Minister Options.

Congregational Support

Horseshoe Falls Regional Council is dedicated to helping communities of faith live out their ministry. We provide resources, guidance and support to enable you to do the best ministry possible in your unique circumstances.

Contact the Congregational Support Minister for help with:

We are the “go to” commission for questions related to:

•  the covenant relationship between communities of faith and the regional council,
•  community of faith profiles and living faith story,
•  updating information on ChurchHub,
•  annual self-assessments,
•  congregational health,
•  visioning,
•  governance,
•  shared ministry agreements,
•  redevelopment, amalgamations and closures,
•  grants,
•  sale, leasing or renovation of property

For more resources for Congregational Support, visit the Congregational Support Toolkit.

Lynne Allin

Lynne Allin

Minister, Congregational Support

Phone: 905-659-3343 | 1-833-236-0280
Extension: 3
Email: LAllin@united-church.ca

Congregational Support Commission Staff Resource
Lynne comes with a passion for helping congregations identify and celebrate their current ministry, while also discerning where the Spirit is leading them. She offers support and resources for the life and work of communities of faith.

Serves in: Antler River Watershed and Horseshoe Falls Regional Councils

Location: Teleworks from home and spends time in the regions.

Role: Lynne provides support for the region by encouraging and connecting communities of faith as they adapt and experiment in changing times.

Contact Lynne: Community Ministries, Congregational Finance, Governance, Covenants, UCC Grants, Property, and Transitions – amalgamations, collaboration, disbandment, resource for Congregational Support Commission.

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