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Living Faith Story

Why does God’s mission need our community of faith?

The living faith story articulates the community of faith’s ministry focus. It identifies what is key to the community of faith—the “why” or purpose of its life.

All communities of faith are expected to develop a living faith story, review it regularly, and share it with the regional council so that support can be programmed. The living faith story is an opportunity to tell a story about where God is leading the community of faith.

The living faith story can be written—or it could be an audio or video recording of the community of faith telling their story.
It is hoped that this stage of the pastoral relations process will not be onerous.

A community of faith may use one of the following as their living faith story:

  • A recent Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC) report may only need slight modification to tell the community’s story.
  • A recent ministry profile, list of mission and ministry priorities, living ministry profile, ministry articulation profile, or essence statement from an Effective Leadership Project.
  • If your community of faith has recently participated in a visioning exercise with EDGE, you could use your ministry goals, vision statement, and current realities articulated in that work.
  • A narrative budget and other applicable material (that names your ministry both within and beyond the community of faith) from the Called to Be the Church giving program (www.stewardshiptoolkit.ca) could be suitable.
  • Use an existing vision or long-range planning document.
  • Finally, of course, you can develop a unique, original living faith story, which articulates the ministry of your community of faith.

For more resources to prepare the Living Faith Story, visit the Congregational Support Toolkits page

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