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Horseshoe Falls Regional Council is having a Sunday Evenings Discussion Group focusing on Indigenous Justice and Reconciliation as a part of an Anti-Racism series. As the discussion group is online, geography is no longer a barrier to participate in events across The United Church of Canada. Horseshoe Falls President Robert Lawson has invited all regions to join in. The discussions are twice a month on Sunday evenings from 7-830pm, starting on Sunday January 16th. For more information or to register for the event please follow the link below …

It’s time for our next anti-racism series.  You are invited to register for our winter series, which focuses on Indigenous justice and reconciliation.  We will explore the topic through music, a podcast, a documentary, a Hollywood film, a Canadian film, and three books.  

Zoom Conversations are twice a month on Sunday nights, 7-8:30pm, beginning January 16th.  You can order your books through the Hamilton Resource Centre (call 905-318-5289).  If you are a part of Horseshoe Falls Region, the Region will cover the cost of one book.  Contact Deborah Laforet for more information: deborah@stpaulsoakville.com.

Register here, where you will find the media we are exploring and the dates of each Zoom conversation.  We look forward to having you join us.

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